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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction, by Marshall R. Pihl

An anthology of 12 post-1945 Korean fiction, in translation, includes brief biographies of each author. Expanded in 2007.

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Charles Montgomery said...

It's worth noting that this is NOT THE UPDATED version of this work, which has sense been released and includes three newer stories
The Last of Hanak'o (Hanak'o nun opta, 1992), Ch'oe Yun
Conviction (Hwakshin, 2003), Ch'oe Such'ol
From Powder to Powder (Hwajang, 2004), Kim Hun

For whatever reason, Google searches tend to pick up the outdated version of this collection.

You can see a review of the new book over here

and find the actual book at here